Blue Power Angel Eye LED Push Switch


Hole size required 19mm
Led Power Switch latching type, push it– on, push it again — off
LED voltage: 12V only
Contact Configuration: 1NO 1NC
Operation Type: Latching
Depth inc contacts 35mm
Head diameter 22mm
Button diameter 13.1mm
Hole size required 19mm
Depth inc contacts 38.4mm
Led power switch 19mm
Latching type, push it– on, push it again — off
Switch rating: 1NO1NC/2NO2NC
Led voltage: 12v only
Contact configuration: 1no1nc
Operation type: latching

Package Include:
1 X BLUE Power Angel Eye LED Push Switch



New 19mm Power Symbol / Angel Eye On/Off Button with BLUE LED as shown

1. This has a wide range of functions. For example, it can be applied as the switches for the additional equipment inside & outside the vehicle. (such as flashing lights, chassis lights, and dome lights)
2. For load under 3 Amp, you do not need a relay with this switch. For load above 3 Amps, we advise you to use of Automotive Relay (sold in our store).
3. Easy setup. All you need is a 3/4″ hole and the switch will sit in nicely.
4. LED on all the time or only when switch is on (depending how you wire it)


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