Blue LED Interior Dome Light Bulbs


Package Includes:
2x Car Interior Dome 8 LED Bulb Light Lamp Blue


2x New Blue 8 LED Dome Light Bulb


1. High quality and super bright LED bulbs
2. Easy to use, low power consumption
3. Commonly used for interior lights to replace old festoon
4. Designed with flexible and durable strip
5. No delay in lighting, much safer, prevent the rear-end collision danger
6. It is suitable for both external and internal use
7. Transparent when not in use
8. Simple to install and clean
9. Functional and durable

1. Number of Bulbs: 1 / 8 LED bulb
2. Color: Blue
3. Overall length: 1.12″ / 36 mm
4. Overall width: 0.39″ / 10 mm
5. Longevity: 50,000 hours
6. Weight: 0.35oz / 10g


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