Blue LED Hazard Warning Button


Head diameter 22mm
Button diameter 13mm
Hole size required: Φ19mm
Depth inc contacts 40mm
Switch rating: 5A/250VAC
Operation types: On/off
Head shape: High flush

Lamp type: Low beam light symbol Illuminated BLUE

Momentary type: Push it — on, push again — off
Degree of protection: IP65

Package includes: 1*12v 19mm Push Button Switch On/off BLUE LED



1. It has a wide range of functions. For example, it can be applied as the switches for the additional electronical equipment inside & outside the car.
2. For load under 5 Amp, you do not need a relay with this switch. For load above 3 Amps, we advice you to use of Automotive Relay.
3. Easy setup. All you need is a 19mm hole and the switch will sit in nicely.
4. LED on all the time or only when switch is on (depending how you wire it)

We also carry the pre-wired plug to fit this for easy installation.


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